Monday, March 31, 2008

The Internet Will Be Broken Tomorrow

Today is March 31st. Tomorrow is “Don’t use the Internet day” for me. Why you ask? Well tomorrow is the day we all have to sort out fact from fiction. Some people think it is a royal blast to post the most outlandish crap as some form of humor. Headlines that sound too good to be true, mergers that are impossible or product announcements that could just never happen. Lies. All lies. My answer to all of this is .. Read a book. Walk your dog.. do anything but don’t read the net tomorrow. Unless you like that sort of thing. Then have fun. Me? I’ll be elsewhere.

Of course.. If I *were* to post something like that it might.. look like this..

Ai Squared Develops GPS And Finds Their Way Out Of Vermont


Freedom Scientific Announces New PAC Mate Ultra Running Windows 7

Or ..

GW Micro Acquired By Microsoft. Narrator To Be Subscription Based!


Dolphin Debuts Support For Apple’s Safari

Or even..

From The Makers Of J-Say Comes J-Zune..

But I would like to think I am above all this chicanery… Ha!


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