Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dolphin Version 10.01 Released!

The new version sports some new features like the Startup Wizard, some changes in the Virtual Focus and of course the normal fixes for a speedier and more responsive experience overall. To learn what else is new and to download the demo hit the link below.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Music: XP, C64, 8 Bit, Bionic Commandoes And More

I can’t stand being idle on the bus. So I multi task by learning via Podcast. Well I did until I explained to a co-worker what a Podcast was and what I listened to daily on the way to work. I told this person about how I enjoyed a description of how the WEP key works and how WPA was stronger for some tasks. The person said to me “Ooo, how boring”. And then I promptly fell asleep on the bus while listening to a lengthy conversation on Windows Live, Chrome and Firefox exploits. After that event I decided that Fridays would be music only days on my rides to work.
Of course I’m still a Geek by nature, therefore, some of that comes through in my links today.

Music via XP: Some people tap pens and pencils to tunes but how about striking your keyboard melodically? Yep, you too could be an orchestra of one with Windows. See the link below for more.


C64 Orchestra: Speaking of orchestral arrangements.. Some classic games have gotten modern reimaginations via the C64 Orchestra. Hear samples and an interview on who and why they chose the Commodore 64 as their basis for inspiration at the link below.


8 Bit Weapon: There are some real musicians out there in the Nerdcore parts of the world. The Mini Bosses, Jonathan Colton, MC Chris and one of my personal faves is 8 Bit Weapon. Check out their site to learn more about their brand of music and you can even pick up a couple of free tunes to boot. Get it.. 8 Bit .. boot? Never mind it was lost in Eprom anyways.


Bionic Commando Rearmed Soundtrack: I’m sporting the new remixed Bionic Commando soundtrack today and man is it a blast. Very much in the style of the band I just mentioned 8 Bit Weapon. To pick this up or to learn more check out the link below.


OverClocked Remix: And if you don’t want to spend any money but still lay your hands on some fantastic electronic goodness you can check out the Granddaddy of them all when it comes to amateur videogame music mash ups at the Overclocked Remix. Some of these musicians have gone on to doing original works in new games or they have seen their remixes used in rereleases of others. Get a listen at the OC Remix site at the link below.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

7: Instant On, Whats’s In A Name And 20 Product Versions

As PDC approaches the runway for the debut of Windows 7 gets a whole lot shorter. The interest in Windows versions has always drawn clicks but it seems to have taken on a whole new level in the post Vista world. But with Microsoft’s admissions, finally!, of a new OS comes new and unique controversies. Some of the total FUD and speculation should be put to rest in the next six months as Developers start to tinker with the Alphas/Betas. for now though, we have to endure a lot of pure trash about the next version of Windows before we can truly hear the signal over the noise of what is real and what is fluff. Today I give you one bit of possible news, a look at the confusion of marketing and another look at how MS’s marketing of previous Windows versions caused all the current fervor that dominates my daily web readings.

Instant On For 7?: I’ve got several jokes here about Windows Mobile but Mark Taylor really is the guy to go for on the WMDC humor front. So I’ll be a bit more speculative in saying that beta testing AT in Windows Hibernation is always a dirge I lament. And the eventual testing of Instant On Windows sounds like loads of fun if parts of that doesn’t include sound drivers. Still I got all worked up about Windows Vista and the Sideshow tech that never took hold. So I guess this might also fall into that category too. To learn more about the possibilities of an Instant On Windows hit the link below.    


Why 7?.. Why Not 7: 48 hours after the official announcement of the name “7” 48,000 stories whent up all conjecturing on why a rose by any other name would be called “7”. I love Paul’s comments on this non issue at the Windows Super Site. See what he wrote at the link below.


20 Versions Of 7: Boing Boing has this awesome send up on the ridiculous marketing crap that dominated Vista’s multi-level release. The funny bit is in an embedded picture though. You can print and scan it, I plan on doing just that at work, if you are interested. Otherwise, one of the highlights is a box shot of a Vista like cover with a skull and crossbones that is labeled “Windows 7 Pirated Edition”. Each mock up has its on description. Another one is “Windows 7 small Business and Big Business Edition”. I found it worth a chuckled. You can find it at the link below.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And The Next Windows Is Called..


Now you must be saying to yourself “yeah, I already knew the codename Ranger”. And I said the same thing. Because I talk to myself in the third person a lot. But unlike the mixed personal pronouns Microsoft has pulled a 180 on their usual tactics in marketing and naming of products. For the new name of the next Windows is .. 7.

The Windows Super Site has updated their Windows 7 FAQ to reflect this and some other info about the new Operating System. You can find that info at the link below.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Beyond The Rim

I’ve been in the beta game for a number of years now and over time you really notice people who have their act together in the technical sense. So it is devastating when one of those amazing people leaves us. And it is even more tragic when the person is young. The name Veli-Pekka Tätilä may not ring any bells to most of you, however, if you have ever been a fan of Dolphin products you have benefited from this young person’s tireless work. Veli-Pekka was a Dolphin Beta Tester, a script writer and a really smart cookie when it came to understanding how Windows and AT works. I will miss the emails, information and the insight Veli-Pekka brought to the table and I will miss the quick responses to just about any question posed. Veli-Peka was 24 and at the time of this writing no services have been passed along to our beta group.

My thoughts and condolences go out to Veli-Pekka's family and friends. He will be missed.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Poll: August’s Results And New! October Poll Added

Let us take a look at the now vintage poll from August shall we?

August’s Poll Question: Which Public Beta Will You Download And Install This Month?

JAWS 10.0 16 (69%)
Window Eyes 7.0 5 (21%)
Windows Live Mesh 0 (0%)
Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 (8%)

I guess this wasn’t as much as a barn burner as I had originally thought. The response to the new Window Eyes has been good. I haven’t delved into it too much but I plan to learn more about it in the next few months. I’ve been playing with Live mesh and I like what I have seen so far. If you didn’t do a search on that one I recommend that you might want to if you like the idea of a remote desktop via a web interface. Speaking of remotes, Eric at Freedom Scientific spoke to a group I cobbled together this week and he said that Tandem has already seen over 1,000 connections. It seems that we all have some good stuff ahead of us in the upcoming year no matter which product[s] you use.

But enough about the past poll. Lets jump to this month’s question. As we approach the Xmas season I thought we might see what some would like to ask Santa for if Santa was real and made of obscene amounts of cash.

October’s Poll Question: All I Want For Xmas Is ...

An Upgrade For My Screen Reader/Magnifier/OCR
A Note Taker Like a PAC Mate, Voice Note, Icon Or Braille Sense
A Victor Reader Stream
A New Video Magnifier/Hand Held CCTV
Starbucks, iTunes Or Other Online Gift Cards
Money, Because It Goes With Everything I Already Own

Since Wal Mart decided to put their Holiday paraphernalia up this week to attract sales, I thought we could look ahead as well. It just feels so wrong to see this stuff before “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” airs. And now that makes me thing of Dolly Madison’s cupcakes and pies and doughnuts and .. darn you childhood advertisers!

Behind The Scenes: Putting One Foot Back On The Grid

To say that I have been a bit busy would be to say that the ocean is a little bit damp. I’ve been up to my nose in stuff since the end of July and I haven’t really had the time to blog much more than a few spots here and there for the last two months. It got so bad at work that a very good friend put me down for leave a month ago and forced me out the door last week so I could go and actually … rest. I took a four day Staycation and for the majority of it I slept. And I think I dreamed about work for the first day. Then the mind took over the matter, and with the aid of some awesome Big Finish audios, I began to actually relax. I can’t say that I didn’t do some things that involved Assistive Technology, I mean I use it daily for computer access, but I didn’t think about it in a critical way.

I managed to slip in a little “me time” with my Playstation, I caught up on a few gaming podcasts and somewhere along the line I watched a ton of stuff on my DVR. I should have a list up on my viewing list soon. For the moment I can say I am interested in FOX’s “Fringe” and the retooling of the CW’s fifth season of “Supernatural”. Sadly I also find the reboot of “Knight Rider” fascinating as we haven’t seen bad action Sci Fi like this since.. “Team Knight Rider”? Oh how the badness of this show reminds me of the good old days of bad Sci Fi. Shows like “Automan”, “Street Hawk” and “The Phoenix”. Now those are epics of truly good but awful television.

But now I must leave my Fortress of Geekatude and return to the pits of work to push some stone up one hill and then up another. I can look forward to another bunch of time off in December. And that is traditionaly the time I revamp the Station. I’ve added a few things to the Sidebar, however, it isn’t anything earth shattering.

Over the next year I’m going to focus more on Windows 7 and Office 14. Some in the AT Industry didn’t believe me when I said this year that we could be looking down the barrel of a Winter 09/Spring 2010 release. Then came the word on the street that the Alpha for Win 7 would come to those who attended the PDC later this month. While I would like to gloat, I can’t because I know what mountains have to be climbed in the upcoming Betas. And that will have me looking fondly back at the time when I could take a four day Staycation.

Oh well… that wheel in the sky keeps on turning.. and I don’t know where I will be tomorrow.

Thanks to all who haven’t deleted me from your RSS feeds. I promise to have actual content up soon!