Thursday, October 16, 2008

7: Instant On, Whats’s In A Name And 20 Product Versions

As PDC approaches the runway for the debut of Windows 7 gets a whole lot shorter. The interest in Windows versions has always drawn clicks but it seems to have taken on a whole new level in the post Vista world. But with Microsoft’s admissions, finally!, of a new OS comes new and unique controversies. Some of the total FUD and speculation should be put to rest in the next six months as Developers start to tinker with the Alphas/Betas. for now though, we have to endure a lot of pure trash about the next version of Windows before we can truly hear the signal over the noise of what is real and what is fluff. Today I give you one bit of possible news, a look at the confusion of marketing and another look at how MS’s marketing of previous Windows versions caused all the current fervor that dominates my daily web readings.

Instant On For 7?: I’ve got several jokes here about Windows Mobile but Mark Taylor really is the guy to go for on the WMDC humor front. So I’ll be a bit more speculative in saying that beta testing AT in Windows Hibernation is always a dirge I lament. And the eventual testing of Instant On Windows sounds like loads of fun if parts of that doesn’t include sound drivers. Still I got all worked up about Windows Vista and the Sideshow tech that never took hold. So I guess this might also fall into that category too. To learn more about the possibilities of an Instant On Windows hit the link below.

Why 7?.. Why Not 7: 48 hours after the official announcement of the name “7” 48,000 stories whent up all conjecturing on why a rose by any other name would be called “7”. I love Paul’s comments on this non issue at the Windows Super Site. See what he wrote at the link below.

20 Versions Of 7: Boing Boing has this awesome send up on the ridiculous marketing crap that dominated Vista’s multi-level release. The funny bit is in an embedded picture though. You can print and scan it, I plan on doing just that at work, if you are interested. Otherwise, one of the highlights is a box shot of a Vista like cover with a skull and crossbones that is labeled “Windows 7 Pirated Edition”. Each mock up has its on description. Another one is “Windows 7 small Business and Big Business Edition”. I found it worth a chuckled. You can find it at the link below.

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