Monday, October 06, 2008

Poll: August’s Results And New! October Poll Added

Let us take a look at the now vintage poll from August shall we?

August’s Poll Question: Which Public Beta Will You Download And Install This Month?

JAWS 10.0 16 (69%)
Window Eyes 7.0 5 (21%)
Windows Live Mesh 0 (0%)
Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 (8%)

I guess this wasn’t as much as a barn burner as I had originally thought. The response to the new Window Eyes has been good. I haven’t delved into it too much but I plan to learn more about it in the next few months. I’ve been playing with Live mesh and I like what I have seen so far. If you didn’t do a search on that one I recommend that you might want to if you like the idea of a remote desktop via a web interface. Speaking of remotes, Eric at Freedom Scientific spoke to a group I cobbled together this week and he said that Tandem has already seen over 1,000 connections. It seems that we all have some good stuff ahead of us in the upcoming year no matter which product[s] you use.

But enough about the past poll. Lets jump to this month’s question. As we approach the Xmas season I thought we might see what some would like to ask Santa for if Santa was real and made of obscene amounts of cash.

October’s Poll Question: All I Want For Xmas Is ...

An Upgrade For My Screen Reader/Magnifier/OCR
A Note Taker Like a PAC Mate, Voice Note, Icon Or Braille Sense
A Victor Reader Stream
A New Video Magnifier/Hand Held CCTV
Starbucks, iTunes Or Other Online Gift Cards
Money, Because It Goes With Everything I Already Own

Since Wal Mart decided to put their Holiday paraphernalia up this week to attract sales, I thought we could look ahead as well. It just feels so wrong to see this stuff before “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” airs. And now that makes me thing of Dolly Madison’s cupcakes and pies and doughnuts and .. darn you childhood advertisers!


aaronlev said...

Thanks for putting Firefox in there.

One thing I'm curious about, is how many screen reader users are Firefox users. And if not, why not?

toonhead said...

I also use Firefox and think it's an awesome alternative to IE 7. You mentioned Tandem in your post and it seems to me that some people, at least some I know, are treating it like a toy, where people just connect and mess around with each other's pc's for a while, and aren't treating it in the way it was intended. But maybe that'll ware off? As for my vote in the poll, I'll say money since it's universal and can not only get me cool geeky stuff, but it pays the bills too. If I could get someone to pay my bills for a year, wow!

Jeremiah said...

I don't use firefox, because it works more unpredictably than IE with JAWS. I think it fantastic that both major screen reader producers include support for FF, and would argue that to be an excellent example of those companies' commitment to seeking equity for their users through their products.