Monday, October 06, 2008

Behind The Scenes: Putting One Foot Back On The Grid

To say that I have been a bit busy would be to say that the ocean is a little bit damp. I’ve been up to my nose in stuff since the end of July and I haven’t really had the time to blog much more than a few spots here and there for the last two months. It got so bad at work that a very good friend put me down for leave a month ago and forced me out the door last week so I could go and actually … rest. I took a four day Staycation and for the majority of it I slept. And I think I dreamed about work for the first day. Then the mind took over the matter, and with the aid of some awesome Big Finish audios, I began to actually relax. I can’t say that I didn’t do some things that involved Assistive Technology, I mean I use it daily for computer access, but I didn’t think about it in a critical way.

I managed to slip in a little “me time” with my Playstation, I caught up on a few gaming podcasts and somewhere along the line I watched a ton of stuff on my DVR. I should have a list up on my viewing list soon. For the moment I can say I am interested in FOX’s “Fringe” and the retooling of the CW’s fifth season of “Supernatural”. Sadly I also find the reboot of “Knight Rider” fascinating as we haven’t seen bad action Sci Fi like this since.. “Team Knight Rider”? Oh how the badness of this show reminds me of the good old days of bad Sci Fi. Shows like “Automan”, “Street Hawk” and “The Phoenix”. Now those are epics of truly good but awful television.

But now I must leave my Fortress of Geekatude and return to the pits of work to push some stone up one hill and then up another. I can look forward to another bunch of time off in December. And that is traditionaly the time I revamp the Station. I’ve added a few things to the Sidebar, however, it isn’t anything earth shattering.

Over the next year I’m going to focus more on Windows 7 and Office 14. Some in the AT Industry didn’t believe me when I said this year that we could be looking down the barrel of a Winter 09/Spring 2010 release. Then came the word on the street that the Alpha for Win 7 would come to those who attended the PDC later this month. While I would like to gloat, I can’t because I know what mountains have to be climbed in the upcoming Betas. And that will have me looking fondly back at the time when I could take a four day Staycation.

Oh well… that wheel in the sky keeps on turning.. and I don’t know where I will be tomorrow.

Thanks to all who haven’t deleted me from your RSS feeds. I promise to have actual content up soon!

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