Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zoom Text 9.14 Update Released

If you have your auto updates turned off then you may have missed the call to update yesterday. Here is what the update contains per the release notes..

• Unmagnified dialog no longer appears when installing in Windows Vista SP1
When installing ZoomText in Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1), an unmagnified dialog would appear during the installation. This problem has been fixed.

• Fix for system hang when using 'Film View' in Windows Explorer
When using ZoomText in Windows Vista, using the 'Film View' mode in the Windows Explorer could cause the system hanging. This problem has been fixed. • Fix for hidden mouse pointer when starting ZoomText

On some systems the mouse pointer would disappear when starting ZoomText. Once ZoomText was fully initialized, moving the mouse would cause the pointer to reappear. This problem has been fixed.

• Design Science MathPlayer now supported
ZoomText now supports reading math equations displayed using Design Science's MathPlayer in Internet Explorer. • Switching user interface languages now supported in ZoomText USB international products

When using international versions of ZoomText USB, you could not switch the user interface language (selected in the Preferences dialog box). Switching languages is now supported.

• French Eloquence speech synthesizers now fully supported in ZoomText
When using ZoomText's AppReader with French Eloquence speech synthesizers, AppReader would randomly skip over words and/or lines of text. These problems have been fixed. • New Setup command line override for minimum hard disk space

By default, to install ZoomText you must have a minimum of 100MB of free hard drive space. To accomodate users who want to override this requirement, a new SETUP command line parameter (/SDSC) has been added to allow the installation to proceed even when the default minimum hard drive space is not available. This parameter is used as follows:


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