Monday, March 03, 2008

Jeff Healey Passes Away At 41

Back in my radio days I heard about this Blind musician who played his guitar in his lap. A friend of mine at the now defunct KLOL 101 FM in Houston told me about Jeff and his amazing talent. Another good friend at the time, Doug from King's X, told me that I had to hear this demo. Soon all of Houston rock radio knew of Jeff and his music. I was even asked backstage by bands "Do you know about this cat who is Blind and plays his guitar in his lap?". it was the second most asked question of me beyond "Do you have a Guide Dog?.. I love dogs!". Since Jeff came up into conversation a lot back then I naturally became aware of his recordings. I admit that I haven't heard any of his Jazz materials but I think I will seek them out when I trip back into a Jazz kind of mood.

The article link below is a well written overview of Jeff's career and illness.

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