Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CSUN: A Few Video Magnifiers On That Shopping List

I’m still making a list for others to see stuff at CSUN. Today I point my friends out to 3 Video Magnifiers who are getting the spotlight at this year’s show.

Clarity: I think I have mentioned the Rio before, however, I don’t think I have seen the Lynx. And don’t forget to see the Junior that debuted last year.

Telesensory: Last year it was the Vertex. This year it is the Vertex and Apex Pro.

Freedom Vision: Last year it was the QuickLook Zoom. This year.. the QuickLook Focus.

I don’t have a link to it, however, you may also want to go by Magnisight as they have a new unit that may be well worth your *Journey*. I’ll post more when I have a direct link to the unit I speak of somewhat cryptically.

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