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CSUN 2008 Press Releases: And So It Begins…

This is just a small taste of the things in my mailbag. I’m sure there is more to come over the next week or so. For now let us start with these bits of info.

Dear Victor Reader Stream Customer:

HumanWare has released the latest Stream software version 1.2.18. This is a free software upgrade that can be downloaded and installed on your Stream. To download the software visit:

Select the link to download the new software version 1.2.18. On the same page, you will also find a What's New document describing installation procedures and listing all the features of the new version. Among the new features you will find the following:

- Support of NIMAS text books in United States
- Support of System Access Mobile from Serotek Corporation (
- Go To Time feature for non-structured audio books and recorded audio notes
- Faster data transfer rate when the Stream is connected to the computer with the USB cable
- Increased volume on the built-in speaker
- Bass and treble control for music
- Control over announcement of music folder and file names
- An optional built-in SD formatting utility should your SD card ever require reformatting

Please refer to the What's New document on the Stream page for a complete description of all new features and improvements. An updated FAQ document (frequently asked questions) can also be found on the web page. It provides answers to frequently asked questions about Audible, battery,, CNIB, NLS, Recording, RFB&D, SD cards, and Serotek.

With this announcement, version 1.2 is available in English and Norwegian. As other version 1.2 languages become available they will be posted on the same download page. Currently, the previous version 1.1.15 software is available in Dutch, German, French, and Swedish.

We are also working on a second English U.S. male voice (Tom) and a U.K. male voice (Daniel). These will be posted as alternate version 1.2 software downloads as soon as possible. We will announce their availability on this News Wire.

The next Stream software release project will start soon and is intended to provide support for WMA and BRF. We are also planning an update to the Stream Companion software.

HumanWare values your continued support of the Victor Reader Stream. We remain committed to existing and future customers to make the Stream the most powerful, flexible, and enjoyable product used for listening to books, computer files, and music.

Thank you,
The HumanWare Team

Vista, California – Optelec US Inc, the world leader in innovative and assistive technology for visually impaired people, showcased its new Clearview+ 22” widescreen at the ATIA Conference 2008 in Orlando, United States, January 30th – February 2nd, 2008

From one button simplicity to endless possibilities. Optelec’s new 22” widescreen complements the existing ClearView+ line of 17” and 19” CRT and TFT displays. Optelec’s screens are highly valued because of their unique screen technology offering now a choice four different displays. Each ClearView+ features a glossy display, providing more vivid colors and deeper blacks, resulting in perfectly crisp and clear images. In addition, these unique Optelec glossy displays provide about fifty percent more light than a standard off-the-shelf matte display.

The ClearView+ with 22” display combines the well known user-friendly one-button-simplicity with stylish widescreen technology, making reading and writing more comfortable than ever before. With only one button, the user can increase or decrease magnification and switch from text mode to photo mode and back. Users that require more features can upgrade the system anytime by selecting one of the Feature Packs.

Through our continuous focus on versatility and modularity, we are able to deliver a solution that meets today’s and tomorrow’s requirements of customers with different lifestyles, and thus requiring different features, stated Ivar Illing, International Product Manager of Optelec B.V. “Whether a customer is seeking for simplicity or extensive features, our attractive and user-friendly ClearView+ line of video magnifiers is ready to meet requirements of each individual user.”

The Clearview + 22” display will be available soon on The additional of the 22” display along with other Optelec engineered products brings top technology with easy-to-use simplicity to, truly making the company the leading one-stop shop for low vision and daily living products. All Optelec Video Magnifier products are featured on

About is the first e-commerce website with the most comprehensive line (4000+) of low vision solutions with daily living products, video magnifiers, optical products, and professional tools. It is also the first ever low vision e-commerce store with business to business, business to consumer, and business to professional interface all-in-one, and to be aligned with best practice model for low vision rehabilitation (AOA, AAO, AOTA, AER). Our sister company serves professionals and consumers with education, resource information and materials on living an active life with Low Vision. With the launch of both sites, and serve the world as the one stop shop for all low vision needs. Visit us at and and feature premium products from Optelec (, and are owned and operated by Optelec U.S., Inc.

Welcome to the CSUN special edition of the Dolphin Alert
· Alternative Format Workshops
· Presentations by Dolphin at CSUN
· Come and see Dolphin during the conference on Booths 317 & 318
· Meet the Dolphin team at CSUN
· Meet your local Dolphin Expert at CSUN
· Does your Community College want Free SuperNova licenses?
· American River College discovers the benefits of the Dolphin SMA
· Lunar the World’s best Screen Magnifier - celebration offer
· NOW ready to accept your online orders
· Dolphin’s Paul Thompson joins the board of the ATIA
· Dolphin Sponsors the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) Gala Dinner
· Come and see us soon

Alternative Format Workshops
DAISY, NIMAS, E-Text, Alt Format. Do you have more acronyms than answers when it comes to meeting the alt format needs of your students with print disabilities? Ron Stewart from Dolphin Computer Access can offer you some help. We will be setting up a full production station and providing FREE private hands on trainings using our Easy family of products at the CSUN conference March 13 & 14th. You will be taken step by step through the process from scanning to final production of the specific form of alt media that your students need to be successful.
These trainings will be offered on a first come first serve basis to a limited number of participants, ensuring each attendee is involved in the creation process. During the workshop why not pick Ron’s brain on everything AltFormat whilst enjoying the complementary croissants and bagels.
The trainings will be held in our training room at the Courtyard Marriott hotel just a five minute walk or a short shuttle hop from the conference location at the Marriott LAX. Please book your place today to avoid missing out on this opportunity to attend this workshop conducted by one of the world’s foremost DAISY/AltFormat experts.
Presentations by Dolphin at CSUN

During the 23rd Annual CSUN Conference, members of the Dolphin team will be showcasing a number of interesting and informative seminars. All of the presentations will be held at the:

Los Angeles Airport Marriott
5855 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Supernova Scripting: Powerful scripts for the World’s most flexible Screen-Reader & Screen Magnifier
Washington Room, 13th March 2008, 13:45 to 15:00

This session, by Mike Hill and Steve Bennett of Dolphin, will offer a live and technical demonstration of the new powerful Dolphin scripting facility for speech, magnification and Braille solution, within Supernova (Screen Reader and Screen Magnifier), Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus.

Seating is limited so please reserve your seat for the SuperNova Scripting presentation to avoid disappointment.

Accessibility of Next Generation Screen Reader Technology for Smartphones
Atlanta Room, 13th March 2008, 16:15 to 17:30

This informative and interesting session, by Gareth Collins of Dolphin and AFB Consulting, will offer a live and technical demonstration of Smart Hal. The powerful Dolphin Screen Read for Windows powered Smartphones.

Included in the session will be demonstrations on the Smartphones general features, contact, call status, missed call, text messaging as well as some third party applications.

Seating is limited so please reserve your seat for the Smartphone presentation to avoid disappointment.

DAISY Track: Demand DAISY OK
Scottsdale Room, 14th March 2008, 10:30 to 11:45

Find out what "DAISY OK" means for book producers, tool developers and most importantly, what it means to those who read DAISY books.

The following DAISY experts will be presenting: Ron Stewart from Dolphin, Lynn Leith, George Kerscher, Markus Gylling from the DAISY Consortium and Niclas Bergstrom.

Seating is limited so please reserve your seat for the DAISY Track presentation to avoid disappointment.

Accessible2 Development: An accessibility API that works for ATs and applications
Washington Room, 14th March 2008, 16:15 to 17:25

Mike Hill, Dolphin’s Development Director, has been invited to join a panel discussing the future of Accessible2 Development, alongside representatives from several world renowned companies in the Technology Sector.

The panel will consist of Richard Schwerdtfeger, IBM Software Group; Michael Squillace & Peter Brunet, IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center; Mike Hill from Dolphin and others from Sun Microsystems Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc.™

Seating is limited so please reserve your seat for the Accessible2 presentation to avoid disappointment.

Come and see Dolphin during the conference on Booths 317 & 318

If you require any product information, want to see a demonstration or simply want to have a quick chat regarding our easy-to-use, yet life-changing software solutions then we would be delighted if you joined us on our stand in booths 317 & 318 within the Los Angeles Airport Marriott.

Meet the Dolphin team at CSUN

This is the perfect opportunity for you to come and meet members of the team of your favourite Assistive Technology organisation.

Mike Hill, Dolphin’s Development Director, will be available on the stand for you to come and talk with. His knowledge of the future developments of Dolphin’s products offers you an incredible opportunity to perhaps influence the direction of our new software solutions.

Thanks to Mike, Dolphin has managed to develop a close working relationship with Microsoft’s Accessibility Team and the AIA (Access Interoperability Alliance), to name just a couple of world renowned organisations.

Through the relationship with Microsoft and the membership of the AIA, Dolphin (unlike other well known assistive technology companies who decided not to participate with the AIA) has the opportunity to steer the future development of Assistive Technology, ensuring that the end user is always at the forefront when considering possible future AT developments.

Meet your local Dolphin Expert at CSUN

CSUN will also offer you the opportunity to meet or have a chat about your personal requirements with your local Dolphin expert. All of Dolphin’s dealers attending the conference will be within the Los Angeles Airport Marriott:

· Access Ingenuity will be on booth 271
· Adaptive Technology Consulting will be on booth 210
· Beyond Sight will be on booth 305
· EnableMart will be on booth’s 275 & 276
· EVAS will be on booth 224
· Optelec US, inc. will be on booth 323
· Vision Cue will be on booth 277

Does your Community College want Free SuperNova Licenses with an affordable Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)?
SuperNova from Dolphin is the world’s only fully combined full Screen Reader and full Screen Magnifier with Braille display support available today. SuperNova offers total flexibility to its users by offering your visually impaired students their optimal and unique combination of Speech, Magnification and Braille.
The American River College in California is just one of many US colleges that have adopted Dolphin’s Annual Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) promotion for US Education. It is this simple, your college purchases a 3 year SMA and we will give you the SuperNova licenses free of charge. There are NO catches.

Whether you are looking for SuperNova to support 5 students or 50 students, when you purchase Dolphin’s 3 year SMA, we will give you the software licences absolutely free.

Plus the great benefit of the Dolphin SMA is that you receive free upgrades and updates, supporting everything from new operating systems to internet improvements for the entire 36 months without any further cost to your organisation. Stopping the frustration when a new version of the software is released only a few weeks after your purchase.

For more information contact Dolphin or your local Dolphin Dealer.

American River College discovers the benefits of the Dolphin SMA
Over the past year ARC has taken progressive steps in its Assistive Technology facilities, in particular they have benefited from the use of SuperNova in conjunction with their Software Maintenance Agreement or SMA with Dolphin Computer Access.
“Our Software Maintenance Agreement has allowed flexibility to insure that any computer a student may use anywhere on our campus and its outreach centers can have Dolphin SuperNova (Screen Reader and Screen Magnifier software) obtainable, opening an era of universal access.” Shane Lake, Alternative Media Specialist at the American River College.
Read the full case study from Shane and the American River College to find out exactly how SuperNova and the accompanying Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is making a real difference to the lives of the visually impaired students in California’s Community Colleges.
Lunar the World’s best Screen Magnifier celebration offer
To commemorate Lunar’s victory in the “Magnify the Difference” group test of the world’s leading screen magnifiers during CSUN 2007. Dolphin is delighted to continue to offer to all of our customers who purchase Lunar or LunarPlus on a Dolphin Pen a FREE CD licence. Saving you an incredible $235 on Lunar and $355 on LunarPlus!
To order Lunar or LunarPlus on a Dolphin Pen and receive your free CD licence, simply select the Buy Online link, talk to sales or contact your local Dolphin Dealer. When buying online, simply enter the e-voucher code FREECD and a free CD license of will be included with your Lunar or LunarPlus Pen!
Discover how the Houston Colleges have increased their commitment to student’s access to education through use of the Dolphin Pen., NOW ready to accept your online orders

It’s with great delight that Dolphin can announce the official opening of as a full e-commerce website.

Dolphin values its customer’s personal information and to this end we have incorporated a sophisticated security system within the site to ensure your purchases are safe and secure.

If you have any questions regarding buying online or the online security Dolphin has incorporated into the site, please feel free to contact us.

Dolphin's Paul Thompson joins the board of the ATIA
Dolphin is delighted to announce that Paul Thompson, Dolphin Sales Manager for the US, was elected onto the board of the ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association).
Find out more about Paul’s career at Dolphin in both the UK and the US.
Dolphin Sponsors the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) Gala Dinner
Dolphin Computer Access is delighted to Sponsor the 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner of the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA).
The event, to be held on the 14th March 2008 in Los Angeles, will be a celebration of the people and companies whose hard and dedicated work has advanced the field of Assistive Technology during the previous 12 months.
Find out more about what the ATA hope to achieve with the support of Dolphin Computer Access

Come and see us soon

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to CSUN, as Dolphin will be criss-crossing the US to ensure we are at an event near to you. Just some of the events we are currently planning to visit are:

· California Transcribers and Educators of the Visually Handicapped (CTEVH) Conference28th February to 2nd March 2008, Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel, 5855 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California
· Dolphin Drop-in Day at the College of the Desert7th March, 10am to 3pm, College of the Desert, 43 – 500 Monterey Ave., Palm Desert, California
· American Library Association Conference26th June to 1st July, Anaheim Convention Center, 800 Katella Ave., Anaheim, California

Dolphin are always adding additional events they are scheduled to visit, so please keep checking the events pages on to see when we are visiting a city near you.
If you have an event which you think Dolphin should attend please contact us and if it’s feasible for us to attend, we will.


Handy Tech North America Newsletter March 2008
in this issue
-- Apple Offers Support For Handy Tech Braille Displays
-- Handy Tech North America Now Distributors of Index Braille Products
-- Reading In a Flash
-- Handy Tech North America Offers Full Line of Serotek Products
Hi all from the staff at Handy Tech North America,
As we spring forward into the week of daylight savings time, we are also looking forward to meeting many of you at the CSUN Center on Disabilities' 2008 Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference in Los Angeles California. Please stop by booth #302 Marriott where representatives from both our North American and European offices are looking forward to visiting with you and answering your questions.
Apple Offers Support For Handy Tech Braille Displays
Handy Tech North America, leading providers of adaptive technology solutions for people who are blind or have low vision, is proud to partner with Apple computers in offering support for Handy Tech Braille displays in Apple's OSX 10.5 operating system, code named leopard. Imagine the ability to walk up to any Apple computer with your Easy Braille, Braille Star 40, or have an Apple desktop work station equipped with the elegant Braille Star 80 and have immediate, grade 2 access to your computer without spending a penny on a screen reader. Well, this most recent collaboration between Handy Tech and Apple has made this a reality. Now enjoy the ability to manage e-mail, browse the Internet, create and spell-check documents, synchronize your mobile device and so much more right out of the box using rich human quality speech and grade 2 Braille output with the integrated Voice Over screen reader. Read more about the impressive line of Handy Tech Braille products at:Handy Tech North America
Handy Tech North America Now Distributors of Index Braille Products
Handy Tech North America is now national distributors of the world's most popular, reliable, quietest and light weight Braille embossers from Index Braille. Whether you are looking for a personal embosser or a production model, Handy Tech North America now offers distribution, full service and repair for outstanding Braille embossers such as the Index Basic D, Everest, 4 wave and 4 wave pro. Read more about these outstanding Index Braille embossers at:Handy Tech North America
Reading In a Flash
The K-NFB Reader Mobile has arrived and people everywhere are reading in a flash! Handy Tech North America is very proud to offer the world's most portable reading solution, the new K-NFB Reader Mobile. This revolutionary advance in optical character recognition (OCR), runs on a Nokia N82 mobile phone and is intended for use by people who are blind or have low vision. It's sibling product, the K Reader Mobile, is intended for people with information processing disabilities such as dyslexia.
Handy Tech North America offers both products with accessories such as a Qwerty Bluetooth keyboard, choice of Talks or Mobile Speak screen readers as well as Way Finder Access GPS navigation software. For the first time ever, all of these products are available in one power packed portable device that easily fits in your pocket or purse. For more information, or to hear an audio demo, visit the Handy Tech Web site at:Handy Tech North America
Handy Tech North America Offers Full Line of Serotek Products
Whether you already own another screen reader, or are in search of a screen access solution that transcends the realm of conventionality, Handy Tech North America is proud to offer the full complement of revolutionary yet affordable Serotek products. Such products include System Access Mobile, the screen reader that not only makes access to any Windows XP or Vista computer possible from a U3 Smart drive regardless of Internet availability, but offers a host of access solutions such as Document Scan scan and read technology, Neo Speech human quality speech, E-mail, internet radio, chat and entertainment all from within one intuitive user interface. Add remote access from any computer with an internet connection, and it is clear to see why Serotek products offers something for everyone from the rank novice to the experienced technician.
Can't afford the upfront cost of an expensive screen reader? No problem. Handy Tech North America now offers a 48 month buyout plan for only $24.95 a month or a walk away with no penalty and no questions asked plan for the low monthly cost of only $39.95. Both plans include the System Access Mobile screen reader with free upgrades and access to the System Access Mobile Network. For more information, please call:651-636-5184
Contact Information
phone: 651-636-5184

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