Monday, March 17, 2008

CSUN 2008: Links To Other Good Sites

The T&T Blog has posted many of the talks from Freedom Scientific , Dolphin and others who spoke at last week’s CSUN conference. Find their blog at the link below.

Darrell over at Blind Access Journal has links to the CSUN Keynote and a whole lot more. Like his induction into the Motor biking culture. “Get your motor runnin’” Darrell and head out down that highway..

I’ve heard some good stuff about the WebAIM talks pre CSUN. But since I don’t have a direct link for those talks here is a read on their take so far with IE8.

I also heard some good things about how NVDA was working with Firefox. Check out the NVDA Happenings blog to know more about that product’s upcoming changes.

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