Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Goodness: Links On Microsoft And Mac In The Same Post.. Oh My!

Today we take a tour around the net in regards to patches, updates and the people who love them perhaps just a little too much.

Vista SP1: Install: The Super Site for Windows has some steps and screens of the SP1 install process via Windows Update. You can find the link below.


SP1 FUD: Fear, Unknown and Doubt. Whenever anyone releases an update of just about anything you can find someone complaining about something in regards to that update on the web. The Super Site blog highlights some of those people in the industry would must have sprained a hangnail in the mad dash to post just about anything on Microsoft .. first!


XP SP3: Along with that bit’o’fun we can expect more of the same with XP SP3 right? Why sure.


XP Timeline: The funny thing is that Vista isn’t all the evil that others make it out to be AND! All operating systems must fade into oblivion eventually. This article discusses the dates from the past and now the future for Windows XP as it ventures off into the sunset come 2014.


7 years old for OSX: Mac fans get it worse though. In the last 7 years OSX has updated 5 times. That means it was a $119 to $129 throw for each upgrade. Not to mention the hardware upgrade if you were a G4 user. Here’s an Ars article noting the historic milestone.


Apple Anti Trust: A few weeks ago I mentioned the words Apple and monopoly in the same post. A commenter responded by saying that iPods do not constitute a monopoly because they don’t require you to use a specific format. Of course I can counter that by saying that you are tied to the Apple Updater which is tied to iTunes which also then forces you to stay with Apple hardware if you ever bought anything from iTunes. But there are others out there who also see what I see and better yet they researched their points a little bit better than I. Again I point an Ars article.


Everyone Is Evil Sone Day: Still to be fair everyone gets their time in the sun. The article below talks about how at one time Microsoft was not the “evil empire”. And it even speculates that one day Apple and Google could themselves in the exact same boat as the Redmond giant.


Fanboys: Finally I say that it all depends on that darned old water glass. Half empty, half full or what not. As the great Canadian rock band says “if you choose not to decide.. you still have made a choice”. However I’m excluding that we all have freewill. Ha! The link below discusses just how crazy some people can get in these debates.


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