Saturday, March 15, 2008

CSUN: Eye-Pal, Freedom Scientific And The Official Link To The Humanware Breeze

I'm still getting info back from my friends and spies at the show. Here is some of what I can talk about.

Eye-Pal: ABISEE, known for their Zoom EX and Zoom Twix products, has shown the Eye Pal at their booth. This is a smaller way of performing mass book scanning. It also has some Deaf Blind features as well. The product page is linked below.

Freedom Scientific: Here are some highlights from the last few days from FS.

Onyx Deskset 19'inch Edition: The 17 inch version of this portable Video Magnifier now has a bigger brother.

PAC Mate Omni Update: This is an optional update to the new Omni units. Note the announcement of the 6.1 edition in 2nd quarter by the way.

Magic Free Trial Until August 2008: 40 minutes and a reboot sound annoying? Weel try Magic for free until August.

Trekker Breeze: I've talked about this earlier in the week, however, here is the official product page for the Breeze.

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