Monday, March 03, 2008

Poll: Feb's Poll Results And New March Poll Now Online

Well this one was a fun poll to watch. In less than 14 hours 10 people had posted their views. Then things were a little slow. Then, from out of nowhere, votes came in a big flury in just about all of the choices available.

February's Question: Do You Own Or Are You Going To Buy A Victor Reader Stream?

Yes, I own a Stream and I love it! 13 (52%)

Yes, I have one but I just don't get the hype.. 4 (16%)

Yes, I am thinking about buying a Stream 3 (12%)

No, I am not interested in getting a Stream 4 (16%)

No, I use another device kinda like the Victor Reader Stream 1 (4%)

More than 50% love their VRS. Then another 16% own a VRS but don't see the hype. And then you have 12% thinking that they will buy a Stream at some point. So 80% of 25 voters either have or are going to buy a VRS. I haven't seen this kind of product adoption in the Blindness community in years. The VRS really is the right price at the right time I guess. Oh! And I hope the 1 person who voted that they had something else isn't stuck with a first generation Plextalk or something like that.

Now this month's poll came out of the fact that you need a Screen Reader for the KNFB Reader/Cell Phone if you are going to access the other features on the phone. However, to make things a little less specific, let us just consider Smartphones/Mobile OS in general shall we? With mobile devices becoming the next emerging market in the AT industry..

Poll Of The Month: Which Cell Phone Access Program Do You Use?

Mobile Speak/Mobile Magnifier
Smart or Pocket HAL
I use the built in speech provided by the make and model of my cell phone

Personally I am evaluating each with my Motorola Q at the moment. I'm sure by the end of the month I will have some dog in this hunt. till then we will have to see who comes out the winner.

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