Wednesday, April 02, 2008

March's Poll Results And April's Question Of The Month Added

This was the largest poll yet. Just take a look at these numbers.

Which Cell Phone Access Program Do You Use?

Mobile Speak/Mobile Magnifier 17 (35%)

Talks/Magnifier 15 (31%)

Smart or Pocket HAL 2 (4%)

I use the built in speech provided by the make and model of my cell phone 14 (29%)

I have to admit that this poll was fascinating to watch. For a long while the "I'll use the phone's software" was actually outpacing the cell phone screen readers. Personally I can't go with that option but I understand why many people do. Cost, of course, is a factor. For me I want all of the features on the phone to be spoken. And many of the LG/other phones with built in options don't have enough access to advanced features which is the whole reason why I need a phone in f the first place. Although those on board synth options are improving I will say that.  

This month's poll should also be interesting as it speaks to both old and new users of OCR or Optical Character Recognition programs. We will focus on computer based programs this month rather than look at portable options like the K Reader or Zoom EX. So going old school this month..

April's Poll Question Of The Month: Which Computer Based OCR Program Is Your Favorite?

Open Book
  Kurzweil 1000
  System Access's Document Scan

I've always admired those who could jump from Unbound or Ruby to K 1000 and back again. With the new Open Book 8.0 some say that a shift may be on the horizon again. For now though let's see how they stack up currently.

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