Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bionic Eyes.. They’re Watching You..

Is a Tuesday a bad day for a Hall and Oats reference? If not I could make a Kim Karns joke about “You got Betty Davis Bionic Eyes”. Either way I’m in an 80’s mood. Just to let you know where my head is at today.

The term Bionic has been applied to electronic eye alternatives before. And no doubt this technology is not to far off, like 15 years, from being affordable. Note I say affordable rather than available. There is a big gap between the two. But before you run right out and sign up for your X Ray Specs you may want to read a few William Gibson novels first. “Count Zero” especially paints a view of Wetware that I am not eager to run right out and jam into my head. Plus imagine the upgrades.. yikes.

Anyway, in the UK they have performed some successful surgeries on patients with RP. The elements to how this is done sound complicated. So no “Minority Report” style custom options yet. To know more hit the links below.



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