Friday, April 18, 2008

Computer World And Slashdot Posts On Blind Access

Computer World: A pretty good article synopsizing the issues surrounding access to the net and employment barriers that effect Blind users is up at Computer World. Some heavy hitters like Curtis Chong, Rob Sinclair and Dan over at G.W. Micro are quoted. You can find the article at the link below.

Slashdot: The aggregator has also posted this article as well, however, the comments sections of both Computer World and Slashdot is always the scarier reads by far. Because we can change the technology but changing public perception is a much more difficult task. Beware that the comments can be a little NSFW at times. That means turn your speakers down or use headphones for the foul language used ahead.

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Ron Graham said...

Thanks for that article Ranger. I noticed it in an email alert last week, but the link Google had in the email would not load the page, no matter what I tried.

I think it touches on several issues we blind computer users regularly face and is a at least a good primer for anybody, such as a webmaster or potential employer, not familiar with screen readers. It describes pretty much what screen readers do, but also what they don’t do, as well as suggesting alternative methods for problem areas such as CAPTCHA and giving a site which employs an accessible alternative.