Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Seeing What You Aren't Missing

If you check out the links on the "Fueling The Station" area to the right you will see that I have a semi theme going on for April. That seemed to carry over to this post. Because today I found interesting stories about visual stuff that doesn't really jive with the AT focus here, however, it is still something worth a read none the less.

Java: Next to Adobe's PDF one might say that heavy Java *Web 2.0* in browser apps are the true evils of the Internet. In a lot of cases Ad Servers and other Java applets are slowing down the web. Firefox and all of its extensions is one way of dealing with this issue. Some in the Apple Safari development camps may have also found a way to work around these problems as well. See the link below for more info.

Mac: While most of us wouldn't be phased by a monitor displaying fewer colors.. you have to admit that if you paid a good chunk of money for a Mac for a sighted family member and your new Mac displayed 98% fewer colors than a previous model .. you might be just a little bit upset. You would not be alone either. The link below takes you to an article about a law suit that claims that the new 20 inch Mac monitors have this problem. The links on that page also detail a few other Apple suits as well.

Copyrighting Colors?: I get some copyright defense. If Mike Rowe goes out and buys or markets the name Mikerowesoft then getting a call from the legal department in Redmond shouldn't be a shocking situation. However.. T-Mobile claiming that they have the copyright on the color Magenta? I'm not so sure. Learn more at the link below.

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