Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vista: Driven To Insanity.. Again!

Thought it was all over now that SP1 for Vista has shipped? Bah! It has only begun my friend. For if it isn't the slew of driver updates that go along with the release for SP1, wait for it, you will now find yourself checking sites for updates and patches to all your fave programs as well. So far I have updated my X Fi sound card, my NVIDIA video card and Nero Ultra 7 [who updated on 4/15 Tax Day of all things] in the last two weeks. A few other smaller utilities have updated as well but things like Adobe Reader update whenever the wind changes. Detecting which updates are SP1 related gets a bit harder when programs like that bundle in their other fixes all at one time. The lesson for today everyone is "Keep your eyes to the skies" for them darn updates.

I haven't seen that many bad things decrying the benefits of not updating to SP1, however, I did see this Ars Technica article mention this weird issue going on in the Technet Forums.

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