Sunday, April 13, 2008

Audio Dramas: The Scarifyers

The culture behind listening to the radio is different in the UK than in the US. Generally radio, the terrestrial commercial over the air free kind, is based more on playing you the same 20 songs a day in 2 hour intervals. Rarely do you find experimental jaunts into anything creative outside of the humor behind the local morning radio fare. The UK, however, still sees radio as a major form of entertainment and news. BBC7 even continues to commission new projects and old faves alike.

In the past year I've listened to a range of shows both old and new from the BBC7 archives. I mainly started my quest because I was looking for the older and newer audio dramas for "Blake's 7". I discovered so much more. Shows like "The Mighty Boosh" started on radio but it then went on to become a television series. Big Finish was asked to take TV's Doctor Who in another direction and this started a separate run of the 8th regeneration of the Doctor. But one series that has cropped up in the last year or so deserves a special mention.

The Scarifyers is perfect drama for those of you who like supernatural, mysteries or even a bit of Steampunk style in their audios. Their stories are period pieces that harken back to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and HP Lovecraft. And this is truly conveyed in the show's scripts and dialog. Several of the series cast will be familiar sounding if you are fans of Doctor Who or Big Finish. But don't expect spaceships and lazers here. These stories are more spooky "bump in the night" with a darker side for sure.

To learn more or hear samples of The Scarifyers visit the Cosmic Hobo website..

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Aaron said...

Hey Ranger1138, it was great meeting up with you the other day. Had a good time talking to you and learning more about the industry. These audio dramas seem really cool. Have you come across any of these in a podcast or free download format? Take it easy sir.