Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Goodness: The Freedom Scientific Edition

I know a lot of you guys out there love RSS readers like Bloglines and such. They are quick and easy ways of reading some inaccessible sites. And I too rely on News Aggregators to catch up on several sources in one glance. But sometimes you just have to do an old fashioned read of the sites you like to find the gems of the internet. Gotta love those Site Map links. Today one tour of the Freedom Scientific website provided me with the links below.

FSReader For PAC Mate: Omni: Users of the other guy’s notetakers already know about how some applications are platform specific. And, of course, those who had the early TNS and BNS PAC Mates remember this too. History repeats ,as it always does, since you will need to be aware that some things are Classic PAC Mate compatible and other things will be PAC Mate Omni compatible. This isn’t some Freedom Scientific conspiracy to get you to buy more stuff. It is just a bi-product of the Omni using Windows Mobile 6.0. So those of you who do an upgrade need to look for Omni versions of FSReader, Street Talker and the like. Here is the link for the FSReader updates for Desktops, Classic and Omni PAC Mates.


Magic 11.0 Update: It may have just come out in early March but the first update to Magic appeared for download shortly after CSUN. Here is the link to the update page and be aware that the link for the USB version of Magic has also been updated to version 11.0 as well.


Optacon Manuals: You have to admit that this is a cool thing. FS has posted the original manuals for the Optacon. More than two decades ago, gulp, I worked with this device and the red lighted LED monitor accessory. I actually used this a lot even when the Versa Braille showed up a few scant years later. Just looking at these manuals brings back the memories. Those of you who have never heard of this device should take a gander at what we thought was super high tech back in the day.


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