Friday, March 23, 2007

Tons Of Windows Vista Tips At The Windows Super Site

I have told a lot of venders about the tips that have been appearing over at the Super Site for Windows. And I place the link to the first of five pages of tips here so the people I am talking to on the floor can find it easier.

Since you are lucky and you don't have to hear me prattle on in person let me just give you a sample of a few tips that will entice you to read the link below.

Using the Windows Key plus a number key in the number row will quick launch any program in your Quick Launch bar. The program that launches is tied to it's position in the menu. So if you have Windows Media Player in the fourth slot on the menu Windows Key plus 4 will launch the player.

Holding Control with Alt or Windows Key plus Tab will lock the Task Switching pane on screen. This is like a sticky key of sorts. If you need to hear long descriptions of multiple window or file names you can trigger this and just tab around without having to hold multiple keys down to keep focus in the Task Switching tool.

Check out these tips and more here.

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Here's 47 more Vista tips to keep you busy: