Wednesday, March 28, 2007

CSUN 07 Random Links In No Particular Order

I don't have a lot of time this morning to do one of my more comment laiden posts. So here is some links to stuff I talked about before and a few new ones in there to boot.

Here is the link to Sighted's Braile Software for the Mac and Index Braille Embossers.

And here is the link to their PDF on the Trio.

Low Vision International has the Zip on this page below and I totally forgot about their new OCR solution. It's on this page as well.

Speaking of OCR the Zoomability Zoom Ex also was at CSUN and it was much improved from what I saw in 2006. Learn more about this product from the link below.

I could not find a pic of the new Hand Held Video Magnifier from Optelec, however, I did find this press release on the new Compact+.

And here is a look at the new Hand Held from Clarity called the "Junior".

Weither you know them as Levelstar or those crazy guys taking the Accessible PDA world by storm with the Icon you can find out more about both from the link below.

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