Friday, March 23, 2007

Second Star To The Right And Straight On Until Austin

Please to forgive grammer and run on sentences below.. need sleep and time to put all stuff into perspective. ..

After five amazing Assistive Technology fun filled days what might you ask yourself I might do with my last night for this trip in magical Los Angeles? Was your answer laying on a hotel room couch eating pizza and watching the Dresden Files marathon on Sci Fi Channel even close? Well that’s what I am doing between sessions of packing and writing down a few ideas here on the Blog.

A good friend often tells me after our bigger meetings back home “I have to set aside some no people time”. Today I closed my eyes on the show floor a few times and I now totally get what he meant. A lot of noise, a lot of people and then there’s the warmth and smell associated with you’re fellow man… If you think that being a Product Rep is a glamorous vocation then you never stood at a booth for eight or more hours in a stuffy hotel under heat lamps. My heart always goes out to those who man their stations on Day 3 of CSUN. Just one more day my friends and you can then set your course for home..

Tonight my room is filled with folders, brochures, discs, pictures and a mouse. I have to say that giving away a USB mouse is one of the neatest things I have gotten in some time. And I could pack up my wireless mouse and save on the batteries. Overall I actually saw more this time around than my first trip to CSUN. It’s going to take me some time to process all I saw and heard. Which means you will find me making more posts over the next week or so.

I admit that I feel that the new management of CSUN got a lot of things right this year. The Online Registration was simple and responsive. The emails about the goings on and the offer to pick up my badge/program from the Alternative Media stations a little early during the Pre Conference just plain rocked. And no floppy disks this year!

When I said above that I saw this year more products than I did last year it’s mainly due to the vast amount of venders they crammed into the exhibit halls of the Marriott. Booths were smaller and more tightly compacted. Navigating between the crowds and the products was a little crazier this year. And the thought of venders showing their wears in a tent for more room in the halls is just madness to me. Because nothing brings on a good demo more than the wind, rain and the temperature that comes with LA in March. I have the hotels memorized but I would gladly move this thing to another part of town if it kept ideas like putting venders out in the open just for more space out of the realm of possibilities.

Like last year I have a few candidates for Best Of Show. All of the voices in my head haven’t voted yet and I think the poles don’t close until I am at 17,000 feet in the air tomorrow. When the poles do close rest assured I will post more on that front soon.

As it stands now I have to go sit on a suitcase full of product slicks to insure that it will fit into an overhead compartment. Man I hope TSA doesn’t want to open this bag. The number of paper cuts alone from the whirlwind of glossy paper and semi rigid cardboard is too scary to imagine.

My supreme thanks to all those behind the 2007 CSUN extravaganza.. From the staff to the venders to the sessions it was all truly amazing and a bit overwhelming. The sheer number of options for access is growing exponentially every year. What a wonderful time we live in where we can have so much choice.. and only so much money to buy it all with. I guess that’s why the great maker made credit cards and long term payment plans. Boy I have got to get a new obsession, er um, competitive admiration of techy toys. Perhaps I can give up the things that beep, flash and talk for something more quieter. Like stamp collecting. Ooo! There’s those newly repainted mailboxes for the Star Wars 30th year celebration that look like R2D2… Naah.. I don’t have a big enough wagon to get that home and I am pretty sure that would be a federal offense. Okay then… it’s back to drooling at $4,000 Video Magnifiers it is then.

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