Friday, March 23, 2007

CSUN 2007 Report 2

As a kid growing up in the mid south I admit I didn’t see the big deal about LA and the SoCal lifestyle. However on my second trip here to LA I find that I understand Red Hot Chili Peppers songs more and more. North Hollywood Hills indeed.

Well as Kevin Rose says on Dignation “Moving On..”

Enhanced Vision:
The company is showing a new version of the Acrobat. This new version sports a 19 inch LCD panel display with a new type of Acrobat arm attatched to the top of the monitor. This new arm allows the person to still tilt the camera up for long distances, however, it also can be used more traditionally as a regular desktop Video Magnifier. The unit is still in development with hopes of shipping later this summer.
The Acrobat also has a new arm that is a bit shorter and even better at gripping tables and other services. It’s a couple of inches shorter, or so I am told, and this is said to be good for those looking to evenly distribute weight on a given surface.

I saw the new Compact Plus. And wow is it more radical than it’s older brother. First off the screen has more contrast and brighter colors than the first Compact. The camera can be tilted up like others in the Hand Held arena, however, the unit also has a fold out lever that can be used for alternative reading. It’s like putting your fave Hand Held on a stick. I was told by the reps on the floor that this feature would be good for those who can’t reach their arms up high enough to read the objects on a higher shelf. The person can even use the new Snapshot feature and then use the handle to reach those higher places for spot reading. The new Compact has three levels of zoom like the Nemo. But unlike the Nemo you can alter a saved image by either zooming in or out without losing the original Snapshot.

G.W. Micr:
My “Best of Show” from 2006 is back with a new add on accessory. The Sense View now has an external camera that fits into the Accessories Expantion Port on the right side of the unit. The camera is very small and it allows owners to write small notes or sign documents/checks. It’s said that this new device will not drain the battery in a bad way. Good thing too as a longer battery life is one of the Sense View’s best features for people on the move with no power outlets.

Freedom Vision/Ash:
The Liberty Solo units now use the camera style found with the Fusion. And the new Quick Look Zoom is being shown on the floor as well. This one has been hard to get to and I hope to have some impressions on it in another update. Oh and the Opti is back and this time you can use Zoom Text with it which has been a very big issue with this PC/Laptop Assisted Video Magnifier.

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