Monday, March 26, 2007

CSUN Report 5 is Alive

yeah.. I am still piling through my notes from LA. Told you guys that we would see updates this week. Here's more before I jet off to work.. why did I say jet? Ugh.. 6 jets in 12 days. You would think I wouldn't say jet or plane for weeks.

Low Vision International:
The European company introduced their new Zip Video Magnifier at CSUN this year. The Zip is a 17 inch screen based unit that can fold down into a small bag. It weighs 17 pounds and it can use AC/DC power or it can use an optional battery pack. The device uses LED lights and it has false colors and window options. I have carried the My Reader before and the Zip is lighter than that unit by some 9 to 10 pounds.

The new talking prescription reader was on display and at first glance it felt and looked like a smoke detector. It’s kind of oval and flat. I was told that it was designed this way so that it could be hung on the wall. That way it wouldn’t become misplaced or easily lost. Great idea really. The speech was of a higher quality than most devices aimed at portable use and the words were easily recognizable even on the loud show floor. The company said that CVS and Wal-Greens are moving towards adopting the microchips for use with their device and if you wish to know more or petition a store in your area check out..

The Canon IP90 was on the show floor and it was impressive. The portable color printer was small, rugged and perfect for traveling. And it’s under $250 to boot.

The company made an announcement in LA that they have added support for Excel, Power Point and Office 2007 to their lines of products. I have to say that the Serotec booth was always busy and Mike was always talking to someone. While to some that sounds tiring to a vender on the show floor it sounds like a dream come true. Here’s the press release..

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