Sunday, March 18, 2007

The CSUN Blogging Begins Again... Hopefully!

I am packing up my laptop for another CSUN. If all goes well you will see, hear and probably skip some of the next few days of information I post here. And if you are really unlucky I will read you some of my poetry first. Okay Vo'gon jokes aside. This laptop has blown two motherboards since Thanksgiving. One more and I get a Best Buy gift card. So I may be disappointed if this trip kills it a third time, however, a post tax return shopping spree does sound nice.

I don't have time right now to explain why I have been so silent for the last two months. Part of it is due to me being under embargo with just about all the major players in the industry. I have been in a few closed door meetings and the temptation to say what I know during this time of year is best dealt with by me being unusually quiet. Odd I know but it is all for the best.

Another reason is that I am still under four betas at the moment. That takes up a lot of friggin time as everyone is on "crunch time" to have their best and brightest on the shor floor. If I have down time in the hotel this week I will say more on that a bit.

So hopefully I will be reporting along with Jeff Bishop and a few others out there on the interweb all the goings on from CSUN this week. And if all doesn't go well? It's a shame all of you won't be able to come to the Ranger Station HQ to see my new television newly purchased from Best Buy and their wonderful return policy. Ha!

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