Friday, March 23, 2007

CSUN 07 Report 3!

You might remember that last year was the first outing of the new CSUN management team. As with any transition with management a few bugs have to be worked out. This year is no different. The new software for registration of confrence events is not exactly working up to snuff. In three major offerings the number of people who were said to be registered did not equal the number of people who were registered. In one case the vender thought there would be 25 of us attendees only to actually see nearly twice that number in the room. For the G.W. Micro session with Doug, which was fantastic by the way, 70 people were registered. Naturally the line to get in went around the door and down the hall. I was one of 9 people that got to make it in once the 70 names on the list arrived.

One of the other stories roaming the floor is that the management of the confrence is thinking of seting up a tent in one of the hotel’s parking lots for a Pavilion styled exhibit hall. The reason for this is two fold. One being the need for more space for the venders that they just could not find room at the ins for and the other is .. well.. money. The event is getting so large and with that comes a hefty price tag. A third hotel was secured this year for the new track on Ageing. And plans to expand focus will continue if the event changes veneues, as another rumor suggests, or if they open up the tents for more exhibits.

Rather than me blab on end about some of the stuff on the floor ..

My Reader 2

Humanware Sponsors Chair..

Humanware Features Partners At CSUN

Mobile Eyes:
It’s a hand held scanner, it’s a bar code reader, it’s a video magnifier.. and so much much much more.

Like everyone else Dolphin is showing off their upcoming products for Vista. Some early builds of Supernova are on the floor and the plan is still to release in second quarter. The other focus for the company is on Alternative Format tools. Dolphin Converter allows you to take a file in one format, say PDF, and convert it to a whole host of other ones like say DAISY or MP3. Oh yeah.. Smart HAL and other Mobile Solutions are out now as well.

Yes you read that right. For the first time in a long time TSI presents new product at CSUN. And the booth is packed. I haven’t seen this new Vertex in person yet. So expect my impressions later. For now here’s the press release.

DBT 10.6 SR1 is out now and shipping. To learn more read the link below.

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