Monday, November 06, 2006

Zoom Text 9.04 Now On Line

Finally.. Almost everything I use is either use for work is either IE7 compatible by release or in beta. I can now cast off the old and truly embrace the new!

Here are the release notes..

Version 9.04

Released November 2nd, 2006 for Windows XP, 2000, NT4 (SP6), Millennium and 98

Expanded support for Internet Explorer 7

ZoomText has been updated for compatibility with Internet Explorer 7, including support for tabbed browser windows.

ZoomText now supports USB CCTV's

ZoomText can now be used with USB CCTV devices, allowing for simultaneous magnified viewing from ZoomText and a CCTV camera. When used together, ZoomText's magnified view appears in one half of the screen while the CCTV camera view appears in the other.

The following CCTV manufacturers have added or are currently adding support for ZoomText in their USB CCTV products: Ash Technology, Clarity Solutions, Low Vision International, Optelec, Optron and SynSupport. For information on using your USB CCTV device with ZoomText, contact your CCTV manufacturer.

Note: Some ZoomText features are not available when a USB CCTV device is active on the system.

ZoomText now available in Turkish

ZoomText Magnifier and Magnifier/Reader have been localized (translated) for the Turkish language.

Incompatible screen rotation software now detected

ZoomText now detects and alerts the user when incompatible screen rotation software is present on the system, including Pivot, Pivot Pro, EZTune and Magic Rotation. When any of these programs are detected, the user is instructed to remove them from the system in order to use ZoomText.

Fix for Internet Explorer crash when clicking in Yahoo website

When ZoomText was running, Internet Explorer would sometimes crash when clicking buttons and other page elements on Yahoo's website ( This problem has been fixed.

Fix for errors in DCM chain

On certain systems, if a video card was added or replaced, the following error would occur when attempting to start ZoomText:

"An error has occurred in the DCM Chain"

The error was caused by failure of Microsoft's "Driver Chaining Manager" (aka "DCM") to detect changes to the systems video card configuration. The Driver Chaining Manager (installed with ZoomText) has been updated and now properly detects and adjusts to video card changes.

Fix for miscellaneous AppReader problems

On certain systems, a variety of AppReader problems would occur, including: random freezing, word highlight sticking on the screen, and inability to exit the AppReader tool. These problems have been fixed.

Fix for typing echo and tracking in Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, ZoomText's typing echo and tracking would sometimes stop working. This problem has been fixed.

Fix for loss of activation when switching regional settings

With domestic versions of ZoomText, if you switched Windows' regional settings to something other than "English (United States)" or "English (Canada)", ZoomText's activation license would be lost the next time ZoomText was started. ZoomText now preserves the activation license and instructs the user to select one of the supported regional settings.

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