Monday, November 13, 2006

Quick News: Apple, JAVA And

Apple: All of this talk from Adobe, Symantic and McAfee is really funny now that Apple has closed down and reconstructed their ULA. But as you know it's not a problem because OSX doesn't have any viruses. And as addition to that humorus note Mr. Long the "Mac Guy" in those commercials was found to be too smug. So now he gets to sit on the sidelines with the Dell Dude I guess. Can you see it now? Geek Conventions with autograph lines for these men and the grown up Star Wars Kid? Nope me either. Read more from Slashdot..

JAVA: Also linking from Slashdot who links to another article.. JAVA is now Open Source under the GPL.

iPod Shuffle 2.0: Ars Technica has a good look at the now shipping newly revamped iPod Shuffle. I know a lot of Blind people with this and the Muvo. And since I was talking Zune the other day I thought this might be of interest to some.

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