Friday, November 03, 2006

Quick News: JFW 7.1 Vs. IE7, Dolphin and Firefox 2.0

JFW 7.1 and IE7: Well everyone else has posted this already but consider me just giving in to peer pressures at this stage. Courtesy of the Desert Skies.

Dolphin: If you happen to be running a 7.0x version of HAL, Lunar or Supernova then you may or may not have noticed the flury of updates recently. If you are set to Automatic Update you may have missed that Excel, Word and like 18 other Maps have been updated. There's one coming for IE7 as well but no date or time frame has been mentioned yet.

Third Party cookies in Firefox: Patrolling Digg today netted me this little morsel on Firefox 2.0 tracking and just how you can go about with disabeling some cookies that can be tracked.

Oh and Mozilla comes out to give their side of the security flaw issue in 2.0 as well.

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