Friday, November 10, 2006

Quick News: New Access World, Window Eyes 6 Public Beta 2 and Braille Note Upgrade

Access World: The November issue of Access World is now on line. I haven't read this yet but I soon will because they have a review of the KNFB Reader. As many know I am not wild about this device for several reasons. About 3,500 at last count. anyway the link below will take you to the latest issue..

WE 6: The process is moving fast towards release that is for sure. And nothing says Holiday Shopping Season like a new batch of Assistive Technology upgrades. Mmm.. shipping bubble wrap. Pop.. pop.. pop! Oh yeah and here's the link to the new beta for Window Eyes 6. Sorry that I am so late to the party on this news.

Braille Note: Even later news that has been sitting in the Inbox wating to be blogged is the news that you can upgrade your Voice or Braille Note to use the Oxford Dictionary. Read more about this cool add on at the link below.

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