Thursday, November 23, 2006

Quick News: WE6 Public Beta 3, A Warning For JFW8 and Win 2000 And LOC Grants Copyright Exemption For Blind

WE 6: Window Eyes users need not feel left out of the whole buzz surrounding all these updates and upgrades. The third public beta release is out now and a little bird told me in a dream that the actual final release could be in Santa's bag or a little bit before his flight leaves the North Pole. Get the new release at the link below.

JFW 8: The Deseart Skies has posted a warning about JAWS 8.0 and Windows 2000. See the post about the conflicts in the link below.

LOC: Several copyright exemptions were granted yesterday by the Library of Congress. There are a few that are closely directed to "fair use" but the one that is really of note for Blind users is the ability to use electronic books with Access Software. Take a look at the link below to learn more.

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