Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quick News: NLS Digital Player, New ITunes and WMP11 Review

Every time I put a Tech Update to bed the next day I can count on some good info popping up on line. Today is no diferent.

NLS Digital Player: The pictures and descriptions of the new player coming to us in 2008 are now posted on the web. My thanks to Dan Brown for passing along this link this morning.

Windows Media Player 11: I have already run into the bug with streaming media when I decided to play Main Menu from work this morning. There is of course a work around but those who sit behind a fortress of security software may wish to look at the read me before jumping to the final release. Oh and the Windows Super Site has a detailed review of the new media player as well.

iTunes 7.0.2: Man they are updating this version like mad. Hope those $50/$60 JFW scripts work with this new version. Learn what's changed in the software that I refuse to use because I don't believe in DRM at Ars Technica.

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