Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music: Shuffle Your Compressed Ideas On What Is Good For You

Some days I have nothing to write about. And then some days I find links that just click together. Today is one of those “click” days. Observe that I have a theme, and per the usual, something to rant on about. Bad coffee in the mornings may be my new muse!

Steve Took Your Button: The new iPod shuffle talks but it has one of the oddest of interfaces.. well ever. It is nice that Apple finally has come round to speech on these devices but the ship has sailed for most of us. And basic MP3 playback on NLS enabled devices will take care of a lot of people’s needs. Still for those who are all into being hip with the rest of the kids I say read the link below.

Beauty Lies In The Ear Of The Beholder: Speaking of the kids.. It seems that highly compressed audio is becoming the standard by which we judge good or bad music. Between the compression on the new Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers albums and the death of music in general by American Idol it is no wonder why some love the sound of a 128k MP3.

The Death Of High Fidelity: Now if the last two articles don’t prove that I am getting older and I am rapidly losing touch with today’s youth, or reality for that matter, then this article from Rolling Stone may explain the reasoning for my take on the audio recordings of the last six years.

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Anonymous said...

Hi ranger,
I am not an audiofile, but I agree with you about current recordings. The new metallica cd was recorded so loudly, that it's actually distorted in some places. What a shame, as it's quite good from an artistic standpoint. I think the recordings from decades past are much more pleasant to the ear, even when compressed into reasonably sized mp3 files. No lower than 160 KBPS for me.