Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Again I Concede .. Sad Looking Facebook Page Now Online

Darn you Mike Calvo! There I said it. I feel better. You see Mr. Calvo, in talking to me about the Socializer, made me feel like less of a Geek for not adopting this social media trend earlier. He is right of course, now he is going to save this page as a bookmark for sure, but my nature for most of my internet life has been to lurk rather than actively push the online thing. I don’t track the blog through Google Analytics, I don’t freak out about how many vote on the polls and I only do a “vanity search” every six months. Twitter, however, has ruined that illusion though. Tweeting may just be the gateway drug I needed to find the time to run to the computer and post, hopefully, interesting things. And it may have just gotten me back in the habit of writing here on the blog as well. So again, darn you Mike Calvo for dragging me into 2008.. back when it was cool. Not 2009 when it all jumped the shark!

The link to the poor little Facebook page is below


And the Twitter page is this link



Mike Calvo said...

Cool dude! Welcome to the matrix! we have you in our clutches now!

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