Monday, March 30, 2009

IE8: The Great Web Debate

The usual conversations have started on the whys, ifs and other topics of updating to IE8. More or less the buzz has been good. However, I've seen a lot of luke warm or 50/50 viewpoints. I’m still playing with it as my default browser and I’ll save my opinion until we reach the end of the current running poll. Here are some links on the debate so far.

Mary Jo Foley: IE8 uses a multi threaded process for tabs and this can be argued that this approach eats up resources. Naturally older hardware is going to have some issues in this areas and Mary puts forth the idea that a Light edition would help her with an older Thinkpad.

Performance Myths And Facts: Ed Bott wrote a lot about IE8 recently. Part of his discussion on the topic of IE8 mentioned a performance fix. This started the flames on “fat and slow” in some circles. Paul, from the Windows Super Site, drops some heavy knowledge on the blog about Ed’s fix and other comments going round on the web as well.

eBay and Yahoo: Controversy aside, IE8 is gaining steam in some corners of the internet. Yahoo, eBay and Twitter have all rolled out Accelerators and there are more sites to join in as the final code matures. And to think we haven’t even gotten to ARIA yet.

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Ed Lanphier said...


For readers who use Firefox and IE8, I wanted your readers to be aware that Firefox has a version of Accelerators too, it is called “KALLOUT - Accelerators for Firefox” It’s available as a free add-on through Firefox. See:

Selection-based search is really helpful in IE8. One GREAT feature of KallOut is BestGuess. The challenge with selection-based search is that the user has to figure out which one to apply to his selection. It’s a little clunky once you get more than two or three. KallOut does a super job figuring out which accelerator you need to use for a given selection-based search request. Kallout — Accelerators for Firefox is actually kind of spooky when it works so well.

Check it out! I agree that it’s a big step forward for the user to have the selection-based search bundled into the browser by default, however.

“KALLOUT - Accelerators for Firefox” is available through Mozilla at