Saturday, March 21, 2009

Feb’s Poll Results And March’s Mini Poll Added

This month’s poll question came about from the simple fact that five people I know at work have bought various types of Netbooks since the first of the year. All said that they had open keys for their AT programs of choice and it seemed stilly to them to go for a note taker without a Braille Display option for simple things like surfing the web or taking notes. And it looks like the worm has also turned for those who voted in the poll as well. Check out the votes..

Feb's Poll Question Of The Month: Would You Buy A Netbook Running An Assistive Technology Program Or A Traditional Blindness Related Note Taker If Given Half The Chance?

I would buy the Netbook AT Program Combo Meal   12 (50%)
I would buy a Blindness Related Note Taker   0 (0%)
I gotta have my Braille input or Braille output Note Taker   6 (25%)
  Whatever, I use a laptop for all things in portable computing    6 (25%)

I do caution some people to do the research before you buy if you are going for a Netbook. Not all systems are created equal. And hardware configurations are a plenty. Also, and this gets a lot of people, a Netbook is not a laptop. So don’t expect smooth sailing if you are one of those people who have 7 windows open at a time while streaming media. Moreover, with most of these systems coming in at such a low price .. we may have entered the new world of disposable computing. New from Bic, the disposable Netbook Lighter combo! Now available at Right Aid, 7-11 and Fry’s. And then there will eventually be the recycling bits. Green for paper, yellow for glass and purple for those dead Netbooks. And we will all have flying cars and dogs that will talk too. Okay maybe not that last part.  Rutt’ro Roorge!

I’m scarce for poll questions at the moment, however, this one seems timely. 

March’s Mini Poll Question: Are You Going To Update Your Internet Explorer To Version 8?

  I'll Wait For The Service Pack
  Internet Explorer.. Never!

I’ve got a guess how this might go. So we will do a mini poll this time around and go with something else in a few weeks.

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