Tuesday, January 01, 2008

December's Poll Results And The First Poll Of 2008

I guess the results below just add more weight to that old adage "Its a Wintel world and we just live in it".

December's Poll Of The Month: My Next System Will Sport Which Processor?

Intel Based System - 13 (76%)

AMD Based System - 3 (17%)

It will be one of those OLPC or other Linux styled boxes - 1 (5%)

"Other" like Transmeda and the like- 0 (0%)

I wonder if some opinions will change when the ATI and AMD relationship continues in the multi core era. And just in case you were interested I am a NVIDIA Intel fan for many years. Although my recent issues with Vista support does have me on the fence for my next purchase.

This month's poll question came to me as I carried 300 CDs in 1 box up a flight of stairs during last month's move.

Poll Of The Month: At What Bit Rate Do You Archive Your Music?

  Lossless ..  I Have Gigs Of Space!

And while we are on the subject of music Ars has a not so surprising article on holiday sales.


Also Rolling Stone has a nice primer on dynamic range compression and the effect it has driven into our ears in the MP3 generation.


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