Monday, January 07, 2008

Vista: December Patches, Disc Defrag And Sales Numbers

Not many people in my inner circle joined me on my mad quest to load Vista SP1 RC1 last month. In the long run I get paid to do this kind of thing. So I understand why some of my friends didn't come into the deep end of the pool with me. For those of you who also didn't take the plunge you might want to download the official, which I guess in a way means their safe, patches for compatibility and the like for December 2007. You can find out more about them from the Windows Super Site Blog link below.

But if you *did* run the SP1 RC1 for Vista then you can take advantage of the new Disc Defrag tool. One of the things I learned when catching up on podcasts during the holiday break was the newly revamped Defrag will now let you choose drives and other options not found in the original release of Vista. Never mind that you had this functionality in XP... but I digress.

And all that Vista bashing by PCWorld and others didn't seem to have an effect on Vista sales. Looks like the crys of Windows ME Part II may be for naught. It seems that the adoption rate, while not as high as projected, is still better than the detractors had speculated earlier in mid 2007.

On a side note. Office 2007 has outperformed expectations. In some of the figures I read in November and December it was said that 9% of all users of the Office Trial end up converting it to a full version.

Of course if you decided to skip Vista and Office 2007 I would like to remind you that the betas for Office 2009, IE8 and even possibly Windows 7 [thats the Windows to follow Vista] are all coming sometime in 08. Ah the software circle of life continues..

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