Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Zoomtext Scripting Edition Released!


As 2007 wound down, Ai Squared was still cranking away. Just weeks after the release of the highly anticipated ZoomText USB, we've now released the powerful new ZoomText Scripting Edition, allowing ZoomText and most application tasks to be customized to create the most productive work environment possible.

ZoomText Scripting Edition software allows a script writer to create scripts that improve workflow and efficiency for the ZoomText user. Scripting Edition makes it possible to customize the behavior of ZoomText and other applications, providing enhanced magnification and screen reading functionality, and automation of routine tasks. With the power of ZoomText Scripting Edition, users can experience greater productivity and success, especially in workplace environments.
What can ZoomText Scripting Edition do?
Good question. So, here are a few examples of how a ZoomText script can optimize your work...
• Create a script that announces the contact fields you're interested in when opening a database.
• Create a script that instructs ZoomText to automatically read each email that you open.
• Create a script that announces new text that's delivered into your chat window.
You know what you need. Let your imagination run wild.
ZoomText Scripting Edition is not your typical out-of-the-box software product-you will need someone with script writing experience to create your scripts. If a person with these skills is not available to you Ai Squared can provide you with this service. We are also recruiting a stable of script writers to fill the already growing demand for ZoomText scripting.
Our first ZoomText Scripting user!
Al Goncer of Virginia was one of the first to purchase a copy of ZoomText Scripting Edition, and he was happy to share his enthusiasm with us. Al uses repetitive forms on a daily basis, and he found himself always clicking the same things. "[ZoomText Scripting provides] the opportunity for new usage possibilities."

With ZoomText Scripting Edition, Al has already written custom scripts that save him from repeating the same series of clicks every time he has to fill out a form. In his free time Al also does day trading, so he uses a software program that provides him with continuous running quotes throughout the day. He wrote scripts for ZoomText to check prices and track the value of his stocks, asking ZoomText to provide alerts to let Al know where his trades stand. "You guys have helped me out tremendously - I would not be able to work without it."
How do I purchase ZoomText Scripting Edition?
ZoomText Scripting Edition is available through Ai Squared dealers or directly from Ai Squared. Pricing for new single-user licensing starts at $999. Upgrades as well as multi-user licensing are also available. To kick-off the new product, Ai Squared is offering a 20% discount for all purchases of ZoomText Scripting Edition through the month of February 2008.
For more information and to place your order, contact Derek Bove at (802) 362-3612 x108 or dbove@aisquared.com.

Are you or someone you know an experienced script writer?
Are you interested in offering your services and expertise to ZoomText customers that are in need of a script writer? Ai Squared is currently compiling a list of experienced script writers around the country to provide their services to those who do not have access to a personal or company script writer.
Contact Ai Squared to join our list of scripting providers. Ai Squared will make this list available to our ZoomText customers looking for a script writer to help them customize their ZoomText needs.

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