Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Press Releases:: Dynavox And Enabling Devices



Solutions for those who can't speak

VoiceForLiving.com is a new website designed as an information resource and exchange for the millions of people worldwide challenged by speech disabilities and their families. With an emphasis on creating an enjoyable and valuable learning experience, Voice for Living is a place for you to discover how an array of tools and techniques can open a whole new world of possibilities for those who can't speak! Learn More <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9618/0/>

Quick Tips<http://www.dynavoxtech.com/promo_emails/ConnectionJan2008/images/photo2.gif>

Series 5 Quick Tips

Maximize the use of your V or Vmax

Every Series 5 Quick Tip highlights a unique feature of or application idea for your Series 5 product. Click here <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9780/0/> to learn how to search for content using the new search feature in the page browser or page navigator, import your own photos or use the vocabulary clipboard.


In This Issue

Getting to Know You

Please take a few moments to tell us about yourself <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9625/0/>

Communication Connections

New Year's Resolutions <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9781/0/>


Buy 3 Years, Get One Free <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9621/0/>

Silver Anniversary

DynaVox is celebrating our 25th anniversary with a new catalog! <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9622/0/>

Online Training

@ DynaVox <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9779/0/>

@ Mayer-Johnson <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9624/0/>

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uccess Stories

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Justin Birch<http://www.dynavoxtech.com/promo_emails/ConnectionJan2008/images/sucess_photo.gif>
This month's story...

Justin Birch

Justin Birch <http://mk1.netatlantic.com/t/3257721/15258499/9626/0/> is using his DynaVox V to educate others about the benefits of speech technology.


Dear Customer:

A reminder that our warehouse clearance sale is going on right now on our website. More than twenty-five products are on sale for up to 50% off. Choose from Communicators such as our 12-Level One Take N’ Talk (#8708-L); Adapted Toys such as the Tulip Puzzle (#9017); or Capability Switches such as the Button Click Switch with Clear Cover and Locator Light (#781). Hurry, supplies are limited! Just go to the sale announcement box on our homepage at www.enablingdevices.com to see the list of sale items. All sales are final. Thank you for your support!

Regards,Steven E. Kanor, Ph.D.President

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