Monday, December 31, 2007

Accessorize Your Life With The Sense View Hand Writing Camera

Before I start... Most 3 to 5 inch Hand Held Video Magnifiers are for spot reading tasks. I mean you aren't going to read or write the "Great American Novel" under them in most cases. With any Video Magnifier there are limitations either technological or physical in nature. Having realistic expectations about what you want and what the technology can actually do will be the key to finding the right fit for you and your vision. Always, always and oh yeah ALWAYS! try before you buy anything! With that said...

Looking for a way to spend some of that holiday cash that Santa left you? Do you have my CSUN Pick from 2006 on hand? If the answer to both questions is "Yes" then you may want to think about picking up the Hand Writing camera accessory for the Sense View.

SenseView Camera                                                  

Picture of a Sense View with the camera attached [on left] and a Hand Writing Camera by its self [on right]

The camera attaches to the right side of your Sense View via the expansion slot. As you can see from the picture above the camera is small and it is surprisingly lightweight. There is really only one way to attach the camera. And once you get it onto the unit you won't have trouble connecting it the next time you need the attachment. After you have it on board you can toggle the camera on and off by the use of the power button located on the front side of the camera. Don't worry about finding the button as it generally faces you when holding the unit to where the main power is on your left and the Snapshot button is at the 12:00 position. Once on board you will find that the easiest way to tell that you have the camera on is to look at the lights under the unit. When you turn the Hand Writing camera on the lights located on the Sense view will go dark and the lights on the Hand Writing camera will light up. Toggling between the main camera and the Hand Writing Camera can be performed on the fly by turning the Hand Writing Camera on or off. Sliding the camera off your Sense View may be difficult at first, however, the connection feels firm when it is attached to the main unit.

Now a few minor quibbles. When you have the unit attached one of the lips on the clamp that holds the camera onto the Sense View almost, but not completely, covers the button for switching color modes. If you read in say negative color and you write in true color then it might take some doing to toggle between the modes at first glance. The pouch that contains your new camera is something you might lose easily if you don't cary a bag or if you don't tie it on to a case for your Sense View. And for some users out there they might find writing left handed has its own drawbacks, however, when do leftys get a break anyway? Still for the low price this is worth a look for those of you who already have a Sense View. And if you are considering one you might want to throw this in with your purchase. 

Here's the link to the page detailing the Sense View Hand Writing Camera..

And to see the specs for the Sense View see the link below..

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