Thursday, December 20, 2007

Apple More Like Microsoft Than People Think

Those Mac ads sure are cute aren't they? Funny little jabs at Windows and all that right? Have you noticed that Mac says less than PC lately? There is a reason for that. It was found in marketing surveys performed by Apple that Mac was seen by most to be too smug. And PC was a sympathetic likeable character. It was also discovered that the atypical Apple boasting about being a more sturdy and stable platform was going to be something that would backfire one day. That day was October 29th.. the day OSX 10.5 was released. Below are some links to more proof that, try as you might, you end up being the very thing you fought against in the battle to defeat "da'man".

Think Secret: Here's another one of those stories where the blogger can actually become the news story on the topic they write about. If you remember Think Secret was more often right than wrong in their predictions of Apple's comings and goings. They nailed Macworld rumors so well that it drew the ire of Mr. Jobbs himself. Well a good law suit later and we see that Think Secret is no more. How 1990's MS Iron Curtain eh? Read the press release at the link below

Evil Empires: Don Reisinger over at CNET has a great opinion piece up on the "Next Evil Empire" that speaks plainly on why Apple may supplant Microsoft for this title in the next 10 years.

10.5.2 Coming: those Mac v. Vista ads are a whole lot funnier now then they were back in January. A rushed to market OS that needs lots of patches? Ah there is always a flip side to that coin. Here's a link that gives some ideas about what is coming in the next round of updates for OSX 10.5.

The Hack Saga Continues!: George Ou over at ZDNet has an article that will raise the fists of some and the eyebrows of others on who really just has issues with security in the Windows/Mac universe.

Still More Stock Option Woes: And if there was any true sign that your company has hit the level of Microsoft then it has to be the number of law suits, wanted and unwanted, that you may find yourself in at any given time. Looks like the Stock Options scandal won't go away so easily.

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