Sunday, December 02, 2007

November's Poll Results And December's Poll Added

When I came up with last month's poll I thought that we might have a close race. Boy was I ever wrong. Take a look at the final tally.

Poll Question: If Stuck On A Deserted Island With Only One Web Browser I Would Choose?

Internet Explorer 6 - 2 (6%)

Internet Explorer 7 - 7 (21%)

Any Version Of Firefox - 21 (65%)

Opera - 1 (3%)

Safari - 1 (3%)

So out of 32 people an large majority of you are Firefox fans. Hmm, now I have to look and see how this page looks on IE, FF and mobile browsers. Sigh.. and here I thought it was all WYSIWYG.

Well this month's poll continues our look at die hard fans of a particular platform.

Poll Of The Month: My Next System Will Sport Which Processor?

Intel Based System

AMD Based System

It will be one of those OLPC or other Linux styled boxes

"Other" like Transmeda and the like

Let's see where this takes us this month. And feel free to throw comments or poll question suggestions in the section below..

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