Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Office 2007 Service Pack 1 Now On Line

I took some flack off line from friends who didn't understand me when I said that I had work coming in droves. Playing with all the major products for Blindness on Vista SP1 RC 1, XP SP3 and Office 2007 SP1 takes a bit of time. Not to mention patience. But for all those who didn't think that the perfect storm of updates weren't on the way .. I give you the download link to Office 2007 SP1.


I'm asking Santa for a new office chair for the holidays.. because I'm going to be in it a lot until ATIA.

Update: The Service Pack is 218 MB. You may want to skip this one if you aren't already on broadband. Also if you are using Microsoft Update instead of Windows Update you will see this in the list of available options. For the record I had 11 updates on my main Vista box. Your mileage will vary.

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