Friday, January 26, 2007

Let's catch up from me missing a day on countdown. I lost the computer to my spouse and her Neopets. What can I do? At least it's not Burning Crusade. I hear World of Warcraft ruins lives and relationships. That's why I choose Game Consoles.

Enough of that. I talked about the Family Pack the other day. This is one of those times where I am glad Microsoft copied Apple. With Mac OSX you can legally place the operating system on 4 other Macs if you purchase the Family license. Now with Vista, sadly you must buy the Ultimate Edition to do this, you can purchase additional versions of Vista for up to 2 other systems at $50 a piece. So the upside is you are all legal to run Vista on more than one system without having to pay full price for all copies. The downside is that you have to buy Ultimate for one system and the other 2 are running Home Premium Edition

Chances are though that you may not have 3 Vista Ready systems on hand. Meaning that Home Premium will be just fine on older laptops or that spare system you keep to lend out to folks in a pinch. And it's not like you can't use the Anytime Upgrade feature to make them all Ultimate versions if you so desire.

Naturally I have links on this stuff. The first is some background on why Microsoft moved to adopt this policy.

Of course there are those on the web who welcome this move and then there's dem' players who just gotta hate. Below are two such links that analyze the cost to this plan.

Now that is what I owed you guys. Let's settle today's tab.

I said the other day that you could download Vista on Day 1. Here's the link for more info.

And remember on that day, if you get everything to load the way you want it, Main Menu will be "a 3 hour tour" of Vista with guests from GW Micro and Serotek.

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