Saturday, January 20, 2007

After 18 months of me going on and on and on about Vista, and for some who know me off line the time span is far greater, we now find our selves less than 10 days away from the Retail Consumer release of Windows Vista in all it's sorted flavors.

Over the next 10 days I will be posting articles that I find that you may want to read in depth if you or a loved one are considering moving to Vista with Assistive Technology. I will revisit old posts and we will look back at what I said in July 06 at the NFB Convention. Was I off my mark? Did I call it right back then? Am I off the Holiday Card list at microsoft? Well truth be told I am not on the Apple lists that for sure. More on that later.

So to prepare for our new orbit around Planet Vista I bring you the Wall Street journal's look at Vista. It's a little off the mark in where it says who copied who via OSX 10x vs. Vista, however, it does echo the recommendations on hardware I have been droning on about for a year. And no that's not why I am posting it silly. Although seeing others agree with me months later is kind of refreshing my love for tech once again.

Here's the article..

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