Tuesday, January 02, 2007

OSX 10.5 Only Apps: So how do you deal with App Compatibility? Why you just ignore it of course. I swear I throw a Mighty One Button Mouse at the next Mac Zellet who cries Vista App Compat FUD. Grr..


Why things look better when you squint: And we visually impaired people thought it just made us look cool.


Office 2007 Review Intro from Windows Super Site: Paul has begun his heroic task to fully review Office 2007. As if he hadn't written enough on Vista. And as good as his reviews are they take some time to write and read. I expect by Easter he should be able to walk away from the keyboard. Then begins Vista Service Pack 1. Until then read his introduction to what I am sure will be a fantastic read over the next month.


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TheBlindTech said...

wait a minute. you panzie ass windows users. this article was written in january. um, let me see we're in june practacally. what is missing here?

I own a mac, love my mac and will always let you windows users know the mac is on top. with accessibility, programming, design, and use.

screw you and vista.