Friday, August 01, 2008

Press Release: Beat The Summer Heat With TAG!

Happy Summer from All inPlay,

We've got great news! Our newest game, All inPlay Tag: The Anagram Game, has been launched. We're celebrating by opening the site for a uge, 15-day free for all. That means all of our games, not just Tag, will be free to play until August 16, whether you've tried All inPlay in the past or not! so come on over!

If you can't remember your old account info, just create a new account, or email us at

What's Tag, you ask? It's All inPlay's take on this classic brain bender. Find as many words as possible from a given root phrase, but beware, you don't have much time, and players all over the world are banging on their keyboards trying to leave you in the anagramical dust! Three difficulty levels make this game fun for the whole family, and you'll learn a few new words in the process.

But that's not all. We've also been busy on other fronts. If you were a member of All inPlay in the past, you might remember something called the Max Game. It's a popular style of poker that some people greatly enjoyed but that others had no interest in, and it caused some confusion. We're happy to tel you that we've added the Max Game to our offering of Draw Poker tables. Now those poeple interested have a place to play this wild form of poker, and those who want to stick to the basics don't have to worry about the Max Game. If you sit at a Max Game table, our software automatically bets the max for the first person to bet after the dealer. Come try it out:

Were you a fan of Crazy Eights? We've added some exciting one on one tables that add a new dimmension to the game. It's all at:

With all this new activity, we've still got the same great community. Stop by and see for yourself.

The All inPlay Team

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Paul Silva said...

Thanks for sharing the news with your readers! It means a lot to us.

-Paul from All inPlay