Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quick News: IE8, x64, Trusted Computing And Command Lines

IE8: This Ars Technica article details out some of the info about Internet Explorer 8’s uses of multi processes for tab browsing. This should be an interesting read for those of you who like to lock down memory management.

x64 And You: A couple of months ago I wrote about how x64 was going to be a big issue after someone posted a comment about that issue last year. I’ve been on a tear with some of the AT makers about this issue since Vista’s launch. Well it looks like I won’t have to go on about that in person anymore as the groundswell of new systems coming preloaded with x64 has begun in earnest. See Ed Bott’s article to know more..

Vista’s Trusted Computing And Dual Boot: Those of us crazies who like to tempt fate by going where others fear to tread will tell you that doing a dual boot is a great way to test things like, oh I don’t know, say x64 based operating systems. It seems that one of Vista’s more advanced security features doesn’t seem to like this practice much in Service Pack 1. The link below talks about what triggers this for the Trusted Computing platform.

Command Line: Some avoid all of this by using the Console or Command Line. Well Lifehacker has a top 10 list up with the Command Line tools that all should love and use.

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